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Live-Lining on the Miss Ashleigh

Dave and I took the day off to go fishing with Captain Bryan Schmitt on the Miss Ashleigh. We launched out of Ferry Point Marina on the Magothy River. Motoring out of the… Continue reading

OBX Crabbing & Shrimping

It’s vacation week for the Burchick’s, renting a five bedroom house on the Outer Banks (Kitty Hawk-Nags Head) for twelve.  The week was hot and mostly sunny.  One of the highlights for the… Continue reading

Jug Bay Fishing

Time to fish the fresh tidal Patuxent River at Jug Bay.  Joining in were Tom and Nick D’Asto, and Nick’s girlfriend Alix, from Jacksonville, Florida. We launched at the peak of low-tide/slack-tide and… Continue reading

Live-Lining on the Miss Ashleigh

A spectacular afternoon on the water, as we launched out of Happy Harbor with Captain Bryan Schmitt on the Miss Ashleigh (Loosen-Up II). Dave Knorr organized this mid-life crisis trip, which included his… Continue reading

Company Fishing Trip

Work hard, play hard! It’s time for the Environmental Systems Analysis, Inc. (ESA) fishing trip, the premiere natural resources management and ecological restoration company, restoring the central Atlantic States at competitive prices! We… Continue reading

Sabotage By Raccoon

It was planned well ahead of time that Joshua would have his annual summer day of crabbing on the Chesapeake Bay.  Coming off of last year when he caught two bushels of crabs… Continue reading

Memorial Day Fishing

    Tom D’Asto, his son Nick and I spent the morning fishing on the Potomac River.  We launched out of Slavin’s on the Mattawoman and made our way over to the Chicamuxen.… Continue reading

Good Friday Fishing on the Pocomoke

It’s becoming a tradition to take-off and fish each Good Friday prior to Easter, and this year was no exception. As usual, Dave Knorr and I went to Shad Landing State Park on… Continue reading

Kerr Lake Weekend

Michelle and I spent the weekend with Dan and Patti Betz, at their Kerr Lake waterfront property in Henderson, North Carolina. I took my DJI  Mavic Pro and took a few aerial photos. … Continue reading

Fishing & Weather Were Hot!

It was a beautiful Saturday in the greater Washington DC area.  High’s inland made it up to 80-degrees today, and the low 70’s on the fresh tidal Potomac River.  I’m sure that everyone… Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Guided Fishing

Dan and I took off from our respective places of employment Friday, March 17, 2017, St. Patrick’s Day, to take a guided fishing trip on the Potomac River.  Our guide for the day… Continue reading

Fishing With The Gulls

Tom and I went fishing early this morning, launching out of Smith’s Marina in Crownsville, Maryland, and then out onto the Severn River and the Chesapeake Bay, south of Annapolis. The morning was… Continue reading

Bodkin Creek

It was a beautiful morning for fishing, and Steve and I headed out on Route 100 to launch from Fort Smallwood in Pasadena, Anne Arundel County, which is new water for me, having… Continue reading

MD DNR Fish Tag

Dave, Steve and I went fishing this morning, and were on the water by 7:30 AM, launching from Smith Marina and onto the Severn River. Passing by many a crabber, we headed out… Continue reading

Potomac Fishing

Sunday, July 3, 2016 fishing on the Potomac, Mattawoman and Chicamuxen. It was a rainy morning at Smallwood State Park, but which stopped by 9:00 AM.  Steve launched out of Leesylvania State Park,… Continue reading

Brownish-Gray Fishing Spider

Brownish-Gray Fishing Spider ( Dolomedes tenebrosus ) The brownish-gray fishing spider, Dolomedes tenebrosus, is often found near or in water, but they also hunt in forests.  Dolomedes do not build webs to capture prey.… Continue reading

Holy Saturday Fishing

I have taken-off from work to go fishing every Good Friday for many years, but this year it rained, shifting Good Friday to Holy Saturday fishing. Dave and I went to Shad Landing… Continue reading

First Day of Fishing for 2016

Last week had three days with temperatures in the upper 70’s, which like the spawn, would make any fisherman want to get out and fish.  It was time to de-winterize the boat.  My… Continue reading

Mid December Bay Fishing

With weekend temperatures projected to possibly exceed 70-degrees and sunny, I bet every person that has already winterized their boats, wished they had waited till later.  I usually shut down my boating and… Continue reading

Fresh Tidal Patuxent River Park

It’s Friday November 27, 2015, the day after Thanksgiving, and it was a beautiful day on the water, with afternoon temperatures reaching to 66-degrees. When we arrived at the boat launch the river… Continue reading

The Fresh Tidal Patuxent River at Jug Bay

I have a goodly amount of use or loose annual leave, so if the work is done, and the day is beautiful, I’d like to get in some autumn fishing.  Today it was… Continue reading

Fish Salvage

Environmental Systems Analysis, Inc. (ESA) performed a fish salvage operation at a one-sixth of an acre, temporary, erosion and sediment (E&S) control basin, located at Clarksburg Village, in Montgomery County, MD.  The basin… Continue reading

Friday Fishing

Dave Knorr and I took-off work today to go fishing, and we launched out of Smith Marina on the Severn River. It was a beautiful sunny morning, with mid-day and afternoon temperatures reaching… Continue reading

Labor Day Weekend at Kerr Lake

Kerr Lake is the chain of Lake Kerr and Gaston, which are located on the Virginia and North Carolina border.  Virginians refer to Kerr Lake as Bugg’s Island and if you are local… Continue reading

Pond Fishing

I call this series of photos the L.L. Bean Photo Shoot, with Jeb Burchick and Heather Shields. Welcome to the cabin pond. An “antiqued” photo, “Welcome to the Cabin, Let’s go Fishing.” Now… Continue reading

Emerald Isle, NC

Our family rented a house for the week at Emerald Isle, North Carolina. The Burchick Boy’s – Jeb, Josh, Mike, Mark (Dad) and Mark. Water temperatures of the ocean were in the mid-80’s.… Continue reading

Fishing the Chicamuxen

Steve and I went fishing today, launching out of Slavins on the Mattawoman, in Indian Head, Maryland. We launched at low tide and returned at high tide, catching a largemouth bass per hour,… Continue reading

Asian Carp

Liberals Pass Bill To Change Fish’s Name Because It’s Hurtful and Offensive (banning names is all the rage with liberals these days) The Minnesota Senate approved John Hoffman’s (D-MN) bill to change the… Continue reading

Potomac Fishing

Independence Day Weekend, Happy 4th of July! Having off Friday for the holiday, Steve and I went fishing on the Potomac River, launching out of Fort Washington.  Entering onto the Potomac River, we… Continue reading

For Largemouth Bass, Eating is a Whole Body Sport

“It’s like they are doing a stomach crunch to open their mouth.” Largemouth bass are power eaters.  They have large muscles running along their backs and bellies, which provide bursts of speed for… Continue reading

Potomac Blue Catfish

Steve and I went fishing this morning on the fresh tidal Potomac River launching out of Fort Washington, in Prince George’s County, Maryland. A blue heron watched from his perch as we motored… Continue reading

Snakeheads Found In Howard County, MD

From:  Sue Muller, Howard County Department of Recreation & Parks, Natural & Heritage Resources Division. 6/10/15.  “I would like to keep everyone informed when I learn of new problems.  Last night I was… Continue reading

Fishing the Pocomoke

It’s early Friday morning, and I’m about to leave the house with my boat in tow, to meet with Steve, Dave and Jeff.  We all took the day off to fish the Pocomoke… Continue reading

The iSolunar Application

Early Spring Fishing on the Fresh Tidal Mattawoman Jim Chassion and I went fishing this morning, launching from Slavin’s and working the headwaters of the Mattawoman.  The average mean temperature of the water… Continue reading

Spring Trophy Season

It’s Opening Weekend on the Chesapeake Bay for Spring Striped Bass A group of us went out on the Loosen-Up with Captain Frank Carver.  Captain Frank keeps his boat at Happy Harbor in… Continue reading

How Far and Fast Can Striped Bass Move?

From the Maryland Fisheries Resource Office Question:  How far and how fast can Striped Bass move? Answer:   Reference the example of a fish that was tagged this spring in the Potomac River and… Continue reading

The Problem With Blue Catfish in Maryland Waters

Taking a Bite out of Chesapeake Bay Invasive Species Blue catfish are native to the Mississippi River Valley and were introduced to the James and Rappahannock Rivers in the 1970s.  Since then, the… Continue reading

Working the Birds

Birds Indicate Where The Fish Were Dave and I took this Halloween Friday off to do some fishing on the Bay.  We launched out of the South River and motored out onto the… Continue reading

Fishing Poplar Island

Dave and I took the day off to go fishing.  We launched out of Tri-State Marina on Rockhold Creek, in Deale, Maryland. Weekdays on the Chesapeake Bay are wonderful.  Very little boat traffic. … Continue reading

Fishing Sterotypes

Texas A&M  

We Limited Out!

It was one of those rare 70-fish days, and we limited out within the first hour!  Oh, the bounty and beauty of the Chesapeake Bay. Dave Knorr and I both took off of… Continue reading

Susquehanna Flats

My son Jeb and I went fishing this morning to the Susquehanna flats, in Havre de Grace. This is where the Susquehanna River enters the upper Chesapeake Bay, and the water is considered… Continue reading

Life at the Beach

It’s all fun and games until you get a catfish stuck in your leg.  As most all fishermen know, you must watch out for the sharp bony spine of the pectoral fin. Episode 1… Continue reading

Snapper Trapper

The Snapper Trapper Jim and I went fishing this morning, launching from the MNCPPC boat launch at Jug Bay (Jackson’s Landing). A blue heron greeted us as we motored upstream toward Western Run.… Continue reading

Perigee Super Moon

Saturday Summer Fishing On The Fresh Tidal Potomac, Little Hunting Creek and Piscataway Creek. Jeb and I went fishing today, launching out of Fort Washington.  We fished the Piscataway and then went over… Continue reading

The Fresh Tidal Tuckahoe Creek

Dave, Steve and I fished the fresh tidal Tuckahoe Creek today.  The Tuckahoe separates Talbot and Caroline County, and we launched from Hillsboro in Caroline County, which is near Ridgely and west of Denton.… Continue reading

Chicamuxen 5-Pounder!

Steve Kolbe and I launched out of Fort Smallwood on the Mattawoman and fished the mouth of the Chicamuxen on the Potomac, with Steve catching a nice catfish on a spinnerbait.  We then… Continue reading

Inter-Coastal Flats Fishing

Mike, Tammy, Michelle and I spent the afternoon on a falling high tide fishing the grass flats of the inter-coastal waterway. Dolphins followed our boat for a while and they were a treat… Continue reading

Fishing the Susquehanna Flats

A beautiful day on the water, but I suspect this heron may have had a better day of fishing than we did. We fished the mouth of the Susquehanna River at the fresh… Continue reading

Piscataway Creek

Dan Betz and I launched out of the Fort Washington Marina, which has been going through improvements as of late. We fished the upper portions and south banks opposite the marina. We fished… Continue reading