Fresh Tidal Patuxent River Park

It’s Friday November 27, 2015, the day after Thanksgiving, and it was a beautiful day on the water, with afternoon temperatures reaching to 66-degrees.


When we arrived at the boat launch the river was covered in fog, as the early morning temperatures were cold.


The fog burned-off quickly.


This portion of the fresh tidal Patuxent River Park contains several named creeks, in both Anne Arundel and Prince George’s County.

Knowing that Canada geese regularly occur on the river, I was tempted to bring my shotgun, to indulge in some cast & blast.  Any shot taken however, would have to consider that the dropping of a goose would need to be over water, as we did not have a dog to send into marsh cover for retrieval.


Little did we realize in the morning that we would have in excess of a 40 fish day, going on to catch white perch, yellow perch, several largemouth bass, bluegill and pumpkinseed sunfish, black crappie, fall fish, but no catfish.

Steve strikes first landing a largemouth bass.


A few boat trailers were at the launch, but no other boaters were on this reach of river.  It was absolutely quiet, except for the constant cackle of birds flitting through the understory.  I was able to get this photo of a red-headed woodpecker (lower left in photo) as he worked tree bark in search of insects, while kingfishers worked the same stretch of river that we were.


The morning warmed up quickly and the fish kept coming.


Half of the fish that we caught were yellow perch.


Jigs and worms did the perch catching.


Sporadic crappie were to be had under heavy brush cover.


Viburnum berries as seen on the shoreline.


Our unusual catch of the day was this fall fish, the first time we ever caught this species this far downstream on the Patuxent River.  The only other one-timer fish was a red-eyed rock bass from last year.  We have never caught a pickerel on this section of the Patuxent, although they occur.


I caught this lunker largemouth using a Stanley Wedge Spinnerbait.  I could have added a good few more photos of this beautiful fish, but I’d like to retain some degree of humility.  She is back in the river to be caught again another day.  Do you think this fish hits the five-pound mark?


What a great day on the water.  Considering that it is almost December, this may be the last boating day until March of 2016, as I will need to be winterizing the boat.  I usually take the boat to Tri-State Marine each autumn, shortly after Thanksgiving.  I also need to turn-off my outdoor faucets at home and bleed the lines, as we are getting freezing nighttime temperatures with regularity.

Thank you Steve for joining in with this great day on the water!