Monthly Archive: January, 2015

Osprey Tracking

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is currently tracking four osprey that have telemetry collars.  All four birds call Maryland home, and breed and summer on the Chesapeake Bay and winter in South America.  The… Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs

It’s time for a hostile takeover of the Republican Party!      

The Pit Blind

Dan, Dan’s neighbor Terry, Joshua and I went hunting this morning in Barclay, Queen Anne County, on the eastern shore of Maryland. We were on-site at 5:30 AM and it was cold with… Continue reading

AR-15 12-Ounce Caliber Launcher

Sweet Mother Of All Things Good! Some of the best from the 2015 SHOT Show, the X-Products Can Cannon ( the high-tech potato gun ). Where to Buy:    

Non-Native Plants Widespread, Plenty of Space to Invade

A new study, the first comprehensive assessment of native vs. non-native plant distribution in the continental United States, finds non-native plant species are much more widespread than natives, a finding that lead author… Continue reading

The Science of Snowflakes

Each snowflake falling from the sky is one of just 39 different shapes. In the Northern Hemisphere at least, the idealized vision of Christmas involves snow.  While no one snowflake is exactly the… Continue reading

Forest Cover of the United States

The following tree maps, commissioned by the United States Census and published in 1884, were compiled at the direction of dendrologist and horticulturist Charles Sprague Sargent.  The complete set of 16 maps, digitized… Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs

Ann Barnhardt:    

Sean Mann Outdoors

Howard County 4-H Gun Club Meeting Our guest speaker this evening was Sean Mann of Sean Mann Outdoors, professional waterfowl guide and champion goose caller.  Born and raised in Towson Maryland and currently… Continue reading

Maryland Amphibian and Reptile Atlas (MARA)

The five-year Atlas has come to an end.  The last newsletter will be in January 2015 with a summary of all the data collected.  There has been an amazing amount of data collected… Continue reading

Deer Account for Half of Long-Term Forest Change

A study released this week has linked that well over 40 percent of plant species changes in the forests of northern Wisconsin and Michigan over the past 60 years to the eating habits… Continue reading