Monthly Archive: January, 2014

Avian Ecologist Update

According to Mike Ward, an avian ecologist who contributed to the Illinois study, birds don’t need to migrate to avoid cold.  They just need to be able to eat enough to maintain their… Continue reading

2014 Season Opener – Charm City Roller Girls

2014 Season Opener – Charm City Roller Girls.  DuBurns Arena.  Go Speed Regime!

January 2014 Snow

Wind-Driven Snow Blankets the Greater Washington Region Clarksville, Howard County, MD My son Michael took a photo of eight wild turkey feeding along the creek this morning. This is as far as my… Continue reading

Old Stein Inn

This is the second of the Burchick/Betz, “I Hate Maryland Winters” restaurant tour.  Two weeks back we went to the supposed best Polish restaurant located in Fells Point, Baltimore.  Today is was the Old Stein Inn… Continue reading

It’s All About Aerodynamics

Why Do Birds Fly In A “V” Formation?

4-H Clay Dusting In Slow Motion

Using an iPhone 5 in movie mode, I filmed Jeb at wobble trap and then “slow down” his hit.

The Effects of Road Salting

It’s estimated that chloride concentrations above 800 ppm are harmful to most freshwater aquatic organisms—because these high levels interfere with how animals regulate the uptake of salt into their bodies—and for short periods after… Continue reading

Frost Flowers

Nature’s Ice Extrusion Mark’s Rant: I’ve seen this. I must take pictures, now that I know what the phenomenon is.

Polish Lunch

Lunch at Ze Mean Bean Fells Point, Baltimore, MD The Burchick and Betz families had lunch today at Ze Mean Bean on Fleet Street in Fells Point. Consulting Yelp, the restaurant is ranked… Continue reading