January 2014 Snow

Wind-Driven Snow Blankets the Greater Washington Region
Clarksville, Howard County, MD


My son Michael took a photo of eight wild turkey feeding along the creek this morning. This is as far as my telephoto lens can go.

By 10:00 AM the snow began.


Jeb and I went out at 4:30 to plow our common road, which is about a mile long, when you consider the driveways. We had 5-inches at that time and snow is expected through 10:00 PM this evening.

The Honda Rancher ATV works great in deeper snow if you follow a few rules. Number-one would be to have good tread on the tires, we don’t. Number-two is to make sure you are in 4-wheel drive. Once we did, plowing went quite easily. Number-three is to ask Jeb to get on board for additional weight, which really helped. And finally, number-four is to maintain a degree of speed. If you go too slow, you can get bogged down.



Using washers as spacers, I have my plow skids set an inch high because our common road is gravel, and I don’t want to plow gravel into the grass margins.

My wife is making a pot roast for dinner, and I’m about to make a fire for the evening. Let it snow, but mind you, don’t’ let the winter fun photos fool you, I still hate winter. Thank you Michael for getting the ATV prepped.

Happy birthday to Dan Betz!