Polish Lunch

Lunch at Ze Mean Bean
Fells Point, Baltimore, MD


The Burchick and Betz families had lunch today at Ze Mean Bean on Fleet Street in Fells Point. Consulting Yelp, the restaurant is ranked as having the best Polish/Russian fare in Baltimore.


This particular block of Fells Point had an Eastern European flavor. The restaurant started years ago as a coffee cafe, and never changed names to reflect that they specialize in polish food.


I had the Slavic Sampler that included Ukrainian borsht, then polish kielbasa, halupki, pierogi and potato latke. It was all excellent, except that my wife makes a much better halupki (stuffed cabbage), which is my mother’s recipe.


Dan ordered a spaetzle omelette. Jeb, Michelle, Amanda, Nick and Patti all went with various other entrees.

Looking on the internet, I could not find a restaurant in Maryland that caters exclusively to Polish food, but it was great to have nearly as good.

Now to watch the Towson bowl game.