Monthly Archive: September, 2016

Chimney Swift Communal Roost

I saw on Facebook this morning that the Baltimore Bird Club was sponsoring an evening field trip to Baltimore to observe a known chimney swift communal roost. I’ve never observed a communal roost,… Continue reading

Carolina Sphinx Moth

I have the summer evening flowering moon flower at several locations in my landscape.  One moth that really likes moon flower is the Carolina Sphinx Moth (Manduca sexta).  The large all-green caterpillar is… Continue reading

Marsh Fleabane

How to tell the difference between Saltmarsh Fleabane and Camphorweed. Three species of Pluchea occur in Maryland and are: Pluchea odorata ( Saltmarsh Fleabane, FACW ) Pluchea camphorata ( Camphorweed, FACW ) Pluchea… Continue reading

It Takes a Village Idiot

This Week’s Intellectual Froglegs, with Joe Dan.