Monthly Archive: August, 2013

Rescue at Sea

The Exhausted Osprey Leslie, Dave and I are in the process of performing a plant survey of 14 marshland coves, points and islands within the Chicamuxen and Mattawoman creeks and Potomac River.  We… Continue reading

Life in Suburban Washington, DC

Family Moves To The Woods, Then Complains About Living In The Woods We moved a few months ago and I am horrified by the amount of wild animals in our backyard.  We live… Continue reading

The One That Got Away

The Potomac River, Charles County, South of Washington, DC Green-Headed Coneflower (Rudbeckia laciniata), also known as tall coneflower is a native, late-season perennial that can grow up to 10-feet tall.  Green-headed coneflower grows… Continue reading

Water Stargrass

The Fresh Tidal Potomac River I took off today to go fishing with my son Jeb.  We called my brother Duane and he joined us.  Launching out of Smallwood State Park, we left… Continue reading

Feather Dusting

Birds of a Feather, Flock Together Scenes from the field, in Charles County, MD. Horsemint Beebalm (Monarda punctata). This complex and beautiful Monarda is native, occurring from Pennsylvania, south to Florida and west… Continue reading

Baseline Wildlife Survey

During the spring of 2013, I managed a baseline wildlife survey of a 5,000-acre tract.  Part of the study involved the use of 48 Reconyx Hyperfire HC500 infrared motion detector cameras, which were… Continue reading

Adventures In Crabbing

First Time Using a Trotline, Severn River, Annapolis, MD Jeb, Dave and I went crabbing, and my first time trotline crabbing (and which, will not be the last).  Jeb, Michelle, Mark, Mike and… Continue reading

Lax-Flowered Witchgrass

In August of 2013, I documented Lax-Flowered Witchgrass, also known as Open-Flower Rosette Grass (Dichanthelium laxiflorum), which is classified as highly state rare, not yet ranked (S1?) by the Maryland Department of Natural… Continue reading

Riley’s Lock

The Nontidal Upper Potomac River at Riley’s Lock, Potomac, Montgomery County, MD It’s always fun to fish new water.  Today Dan and his father Larry Betz and I went to Riley’s Lock on… Continue reading