Riley’s Lock

The Nontidal Upper Potomac River at Riley’s Lock, Potomac, Montgomery County, MD


It’s always fun to fish new water.  Today Dan and his father Larry Betz and I went to Riley’s Lock on the C & O Canal at the mouth of Seneca Creek and the Potomac River.  This photo shows the boat launch at Riley’s Lock.


We met up with Dave and Steve.  Between us we exploited the river resources, testing lures and strategies.


This photo shows Seneca Creek upstream of the launch and lock.


Steve and Dave pass under the C & O Canal aqueduct (Riley’s Lock) and out onto the Potomac River.


An upstream view of the river, which includes a series of islands and massive submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) beds of water stargrass, hydrilla and wild celery.


Downstream on the Potomac from the aquaduct is a series of rock outcrops and rapids that prevent motorized boats from going any further downstream.  All together, motorized boats have about a three-mile reach of river to fish, without too much of a hazard of damaging a prop to submerged rock.


Father and son, Larry and Dan, as Dan takes his first smallmouth bass, using a fire-tiger crankbait, fishing to structure along the shoreline.


I caught this smallie on a Zoom tube bait.


A fellow fisherman watches from his perch, the female Belted Kingfisher (Megaceryle alcyon), has a strong straight bill, used to dive and spear fish and crayfish.


The beautiful cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis), in bloom along the banks.


Steve yanks a nice largemouth out of Seneca Creek using a small tube bait.


Not to be outdone, Dave takes a smallmouth out of the same section of reach.

The river was beautiful, and we all lost or saw bigger fish.  Dan even saw a beaver swimming through the crystal clear SAV beds.  Larry hammered red-breasted sunfish using Cubbie Mini-Mite (Clyde’s) jigs.

A relaxing day on the water, and fun was had by all!