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Milkhouse Brewery

Milkhouse Brewery at Still Point Farm, Mt. Airy, Frederick County, MD Mr. Tom Barse, the owner/operator of Milkhouse Brewery is a teacher and lifelong gentleman farmer.  He was kind enough to speak to… Continue reading

Bada Bing


Not On My Watch!

Maryland Sheriff to Federals:  Try and Take Our Guns, and You’ll Get a Civil War Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis, a sheriff in the state of Maryland, recently reminded the citizens of his… Continue reading

100 Years Ago Today

Saving Our Birds, New York Times Possibly the most abundant bird ever to have existed, the passenger pigeon once migrated in giant flocks that sometimes exceeded three billion, darkening the skies over eastern… Continue reading

We Limited Out!

It was one of those rare 70-fish days, and we limited out within the first hour!  Oh, the bounty and beauty of the Chesapeake Bay. Dave Knorr and I both took off of… Continue reading

Scenes from the Jobsite

I’m writing this post while drinking a blueberry soda that my son Mark, brought back from his week-long camping trip to Acadia National Park in Maine. Today was a day of grass inflorescence,… Continue reading

We’ve Gone Solar

The Burchick Household Has Gone Solar We are now renting the backside of our roof to Vivint Solar.  Michelle took this photo while the Vivint field crew was taking a lunchtime break, with… Continue reading



Well Over 11 Million Conceal Carry in the USA

Well over 11-million U.S. citizens hold valid concealed carry permits.  This number only represents states that require documentation.  Actual number may be at least twice as many!  

Ammunition Shortage Explained

During this reign of Obama, Americans have had gun rights attacked, constantly, causing increased firearms sales.  Now there is a shortage of ammunition, and a representative from Federal/CCI explains why.  

Fresh Froglegs

Back To School Special

America’s #1 Tomato

Tycoon to Upset Celebrity as America’s #1 Commercial Grown Tomato? The All-America Award winning tomato, ‘Celebrity’ is a favorite among commercial growers because of its large, smooth, round shape, disease resistance and good… Continue reading

GoPro Sportsman Mount

The GoPro Sportsman Mount for Guns and Fishing Rods    

Japanese Honeysuckle Now A FACU Species

Japanese Honeysuckle Is Now a FACU Species in the Piedmont and Coastal Plain Twice a year the US Army Corps of Engineers (COE) accepts challenges to its National Wetland Plant List (NWPL). Challenges… Continue reading

Women in Shooting Sports

Garden & Gun:  Women in Shooting Sports

Susquehanna Flats

My son Jeb and I went fishing this morning to the Susquehanna flats, in Havre de Grace. This is where the Susquehanna River enters the upper Chesapeake Bay, and the water is considered… Continue reading

I Love Being A Grandfather

My granddaughter Harper’s first firearms safety handbook! Published in August of 2014, this book is an Amazon “Best Seller.”   

New Form of Plant Communication

8/16/14 Scientists have discovered what seems like a new form of plant communication between the parasitic dodder and its prey (host).  I took these two photos of common dodder from my Tracker Tadpole at… Continue reading

Kids and Guns

Kids and Guns:  The Real Story of 4-H Shooting Sports Jeb Burchick, Howard County 4-H Gun Club “Hitting your target requires both mental and physical discipline.  The success is real, not digital or… Continue reading

Life at the Beach

It’s all fun and games until you get a catfish stuck in your leg.  As most all fishermen know, you must watch out for the sharp bony spine of the pectoral fin. Episode 1… Continue reading

Maryland’s Great Egret

I went fishing today on the Potomac near Freestone Point and then the Mattawoman.  Fishing was “off,” but we worked the SAV lines hard, and with multiple lure presentations. I don’t know if… Continue reading

Natural History Is Dying

Natural History – “the observational study of plants and animals in their environment.”

Liberal Pudding

8/10/14 Intellectual Froglegs – Liberal Pudding

Cattail Creek

I am investigating sites for the purpose of nontidal wetland creation.  When doing so, the site cannot be forested, it must have capable hydrology and occur in uplands.  By permission of the land… Continue reading

Buck In Velvet

I was on a job site in Washington, DC, off of Foxhall Road and abutting Glover Archbold Park. I was taking notes on the performance of a wetland mitigation project, when a buck… Continue reading