Monthly Archive: July, 2014

In My Face Encounter

The landscape bed in our front yard was becoming overgrown and the foundation plants needed trimming.  Working down the row of evergreens, herbaceous plants and woody shrubs, I came to the saucer magnolia. … Continue reading

Take a Hike!

Proof That Hiking Makes You Happier Forget the caffeine. Those looking for a brainpower boost need not look further than the closest trail. Research shows that spending time outdoors increases attention spans and… Continue reading

Snapper Trapper

The Snapper Trapper Jim and I went fishing this morning, launching from the MNCPPC boat launch at Jug Bay (Jackson’s Landing). A blue heron greeted us as we motored upstream toward Western Run.… Continue reading

A Disturbed Forest Edge

I was out on a job site today along the Patuxent River floodplain.  It was a cleared site with erosion control super silt fence.  From a distance I was drawn to the color… Continue reading

Perigee Super Moon

Saturday Summer Fishing On The Fresh Tidal Potomac, Little Hunting Creek and Piscataway Creek. Jeb and I went fishing today, launching out of Fort Washington.  We fished the Piscataway and then went over… Continue reading

The Fresh Tidal Tuckahoe Creek

Dave, Steve and I fished the fresh tidal Tuckahoe Creek today.  The Tuckahoe separates Talbot and Caroline County, and we launched from Hillsboro in Caroline County, which is near Ridgely and west of Denton.… Continue reading