Monthly Archive: May, 2016

The Swarm

So, I’m working in my front yard, trimming landscape bushes and I see my neighbor Tom D’Asto, driving down my driveway with purpose.  I can see too, that he was fully gowned in… Continue reading

The Black Gray Squirrel

Where did Maryland’s black squirrels come from? I took these two photos of a black eastern gray squirrel at a location on Foxhall Road, in northwest Washington, DC. on May 27, 2016.  I… Continue reading


Puttyroot Orchid (Aplectrum hymale) All native orchids are special, and most are uncommon to rare, threatened and/or endangered.  Some of the more “common” orchids to Maryland include cranefly, rattlesnake plantain and puttyroot. The… Continue reading

Brownish-Gray Fishing Spider

Brownish-Gray Fishing Spider ( Dolomedes tenebrosus ) The brownish-gray fishing spider, Dolomedes tenebrosus, is often found near or in water, but they also hunt in forests.  Dolomedes do not build webs to capture prey.… Continue reading

Deer Preferences Promote the Spread of Non-Native Invasive Plants

Selective browsing by white-tailed deer likely is promoting the spread of some invasive plant species in northeastern U.S. forests, as deer avoid eating vegetation they find unpalatable. This study provides evidence that deer… Continue reading

16 Days of Rain!

We have had sixteen days of rain, with the likelihood of two more days, before it all clears out.  According to Washington, DC weather records, it’s been one of the coolest and rainiest… Continue reading

The 2016 Wetland Plant List

On April 18, 2016, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers published the final 2016 National Wetland Plant List (NMPL).  The NMPL is used to determine whether the hydrophytic vegetation parameter is met when… Continue reading