Monthly Archive: February, 2014

The Natural History of Charles County

A nice natural history overview of Charles County, MD    

Shotgun Sunday Trap Practice Howard County 4-H Gun Club

From Left to Right Standing:  Patrick, Instructor Bud, Donnie, Maggie, Gina, Gordon, Jeb, Will, Alex, Cuan, Carson, Gregory, Instructor Jake, Instructor Martha, Instructor Steve.  Crouching in Foreground: Mason, Instructor Bill, Instructor Mark, Instructor… Continue reading

Obligatory Lawn Furniture With Snow Photo

10-inches of drifting, dry snow.

The Status of Native Plant Species in Maryland

Maryland Department of Natural Resources Releases Report on the Status of Native Plant Species The MD DNR just released an 80-page document entitled Maryland Botanical Heritage Work Group Report (January 15, 2014). The… Continue reading

February 2014 Snow

We received one-foot of snow overnight. At 9:00 AM the snow switched to sleet, and another 2 to 4-inches of snow is expected as the back side of the storm comes through late… Continue reading

Flat-Branched Tree Clubmoss

Lycopodium obscurum While performing a wetland delineation yesterday at Annapolis Harbour Center, I came across a large aggregate of flat-branched tree clubmoss.  It was nice to see a native evergreen, knowing that we were… Continue reading

Life In The Woodlot

A Day in the Life of a Gray Squirrel Red-Tail Hawk vs. Gray Squirrel

Today’s Ice Flow On The Potomac River

My wife and I have friends that live in Falling Waters, WV.  The attached video is awesome, which shows winter ice flow and subsequent bank scour.  

Wind Map