February 2014 Snow


We received one-foot of snow overnight. At 9:00 AM the snow switched to sleet, and another 2 to 4-inches of snow is expected as the back side of the storm comes through late this afternoon and evening.


We have some drifts in excess of three-feet. Our Honda ATV plow is in the barn. The snow blade can not handle beyond 6 or 7-inches, so we have a friend that will be plowing our driveway sometime in the next day, once he finishes his commercial plowing.


12-inches on the picnic table.


Mickey, get away from the log pile, it’s listing and could fall.


A view of the backyard. Snow events of a foot deep are uncommon for the greater Washington DC area, with return intervals of about every five-years. Time to make a morning fire and watch the cavalcade of birds at the feeders.