Monthly Archive: September, 2014

Sun Dog

The combination of a sky full of cirrus clouds and a low sun angle made for a vivid display this late afternoon across Maryland. A second sun, and in some cases a third… Continue reading

Uncommon Plants of Maryland Piedmont and Inner Coastal Plain

The MD DNR Natural Heritage Program maintain on-going lists of rare, threatened and endangered (RTE) plant species of Maryland. Nearly as important are plant species considered uncommon or watch list, which may eventually… Continue reading

The Phenology of Flowering Plants

In an article that I read, entitled First Flowering Dates for Spring Blooming Plants of the Washington DC Area, Stan Shelter and Susan Wiser of the Smithsonian Institution performed a thirteen year study… Continue reading

Helice: Skeet on Steroids

A New Shotgun Sport That’s the Next Best Thing to Live Birds The targets, called ZZ birds, are composed of a round plastic “witness cap” affixed to a propeller.  When struck by pellets,… Continue reading

Planting By Degrees

When To Plant Hardwood Trees, Avant Gardener, October 2014 Except where cold comes early and is accompanied by high winds, fall is the best season for planting trees and shrubs.  A long autumn,… Continue reading

War Paint

Fresh Froglegs from JoeDan      

Nature’s Clean-Up Crew

My son Michael went bow hunting last evening in our lower fields along the stream.  Just before dark he shot a large, mature doe, and then waited a few minutes to climb down… Continue reading

Marshyhope Sturgeon

Eight Atlantic Sturgeon Tagged, Released in Eastern Shore Waters Eight adult Atlantic sturgeon, an endangered species, have been found, tagged and released in an Eastern Shore tributary of the Chesapeake, according to the… Continue reading

New Military Campaign Patch

New Military Campaign Patch The United States Armed Forces has developed their new shoulder patch depicting the theme of President Obama’s recently announced plan to combat ISIS.  

Delmarva Fox Squirrel To Be De-Listed

Delmarva Fox Squirrel Now Proposed for Removal from Endangered Species List, Decades of Conservation Efforts by Land Owners and Land Developers Larger than other squirrel species and generally not found in urban areas,… Continue reading

New National Weather Forecast Zones

New National Weather Forecast Zones for Maryland On December 3rd , 2014 at 8 AM the National Weather Service will be implementing a change to how they are breaking down regions in central Maryland… Continue reading

Prime Chigger Time

Gross:  The Insanely Itchy Chigger Feasts As Summer Retreats September is the month that the chigger is most active in our area.  They prefer a temperature in the 70s and lower 80s and… Continue reading

Double Header Win for the Orioles

Scenes from Orioles Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD Dave and I took the afternoon off to take in the Orioles versus Yankees 1:00 PM day game, as guests of Brian and Rachel… Continue reading

Taking The Long Way Home

“Green Wave” Explains Bird Migration Routes A New Study Reveals Why Many Migratory Birds Don’t Fly In Straight Lines Migratory songbirds enjoy the best of both worlds – food-rich summers and balmy winter… Continue reading

Assisted Gene Flow

Time For Trees To Pack Their Trunks?  As Climate Changes, Ecosystems May Need To Shift Usually foresters plant seedlings grown from seeds harvested nearby, on the assumption that local genotypes are best suited… Continue reading

Ayatollah You So

Intellectual Froglegs  

Maryland 4-H Rifle Competition

Youth Shooting Sports, Let’s Get Ready To Rimfire! Our Howard County 4-H Gun Club, again hosts the Maryland State 4-H Rifle Competition, held at our home field, the Associated Gun Club’s of Baltimore… Continue reading

Orchids on the Decline

Earthworms Eat Orchid Seeds Think twice before you order earthworms to improve the soil of your garden.  A group of scientists from the Smithsonian Environmental Reserach Center (SERC) in Anne Arundel County and… Continue reading

Stiltgrass and the American Toad

Ecological Ripple Effects Invasion of an area by Japanese Stiltgrass (Microstegium vimineum) leads to some surprising developments, beyond the displacement of the native vegetation.  Most native insects don’t eat this grass, but wolf… Continue reading

Recycled Pizza Box

What a creative and thoughtful use for an empty pizza box.  Can we get Ledo’s to put this on the underside of their boxes, as a courtesy to customers?