Maryland 4-H Rifle Competition

Youth Shooting Sports, Let’s Get Ready To Rimfire!


Our Howard County 4-H Gun Club, again hosts the Maryland State 4-H Rifle Competition, held at our home field, the Associated Gun Club’s of Baltimore (AGC), in Marriottsville, MD.


Instructor, Tim Feaga checks the line for a called ‘cease fire’ between rounds.


Victoria James concentrates on her shot. Cool, calm, collected.


Grace Roche works through a series of mental exercises, as she gets ready for her shot.  Steady as a rock.


Three in the black for our Junior club member.


Mrs. Syed spotting for her son.


Not bad for our Junior team.


Thank you for our adult trained volunteers, instructors and active parents, which makes-up an important extension of the 4-H family.


Behind the scenes scoring of prone, kneeling and standing positions.  Each shooters targets are collected from the line, and brought in for scoring.  The targets are perforated, separated, scanned and the data entered and read by a computer program.


The program circles the hit, and provides an on-going score and summation at the end of the match.  The results are available on-line within minutes of data entry.

I was not able to stay for the entire competition, but I’m sure that our Howard Country junior and senior teams fared very well against the other State teams.