Monthly Archive: July, 2012

Maryland’s Ancient Groundwater

Maryland Groundwater Dated to More Than 2 Million Years Old Glaciers that melted more than two million years ago deposited layers of sediment around what is now the Chesapeake Bay. Underground rivers run… Continue reading

Honey Extraction

Burchick Residence, Clarksville, MD Beekeepers Mark Burchick, Ned Wall, Jim Chaisson and Don Littleton.  It was 90-degrees and humid at game time. What a beautiful frame! We checked all six of the hives… Continue reading


Plant of the Day, Galinsoga ciliata, Quickweed or Shaggy Soldier I observed dozens of this plant within a wetland that I was monitoring.  it is a fast-growing summer annual, and all parts of… Continue reading

Maryland Biodiversity Project

The Maryland Biodiversity Project (MBP) is cataloging all of the living things in Maryland.  Their goal is to promote education and conservation by helping to build a vibrant nature study community.  The project… Continue reading