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Howard County Cup Race Meet

Over Hill and Dale . . . Tom D’Asto and I attended the 74th running of the Howard County Cup Race Meet on Kentucky Derby Day.  The race was held at Pleasant Prospect… Continue reading

Blessing of the Hounds

Opening Day for Fox Chasing Thank you to the McMakin Family for the invitation to attend Opening Day and Blessing of the Hounds, for the 2016/17 fox hunt season. Please remember that you… Continue reading

Upland Bird Hunt

Dan Betz organized an upland bird hunt at Schrader’s Outdoors, in Henderson, MD.  Attending were Dan and Nick Betz, Nick’s guide Labrador retriever, Black Sabbath, Brandon Keese, and myself, Mark Burchick. We started… Continue reading

Big Government

Government Agency’s Solution to Deer Overpopulation: Spend Taxpayer Money on Ovary Removal The National Institutes of Health’s solution to too many deer roaming on its main campus in Maryland is to give them… Continue reading

Charles County, MD Arrowheads

Naval Support Facility Indian Head, Charles County, MD While performing natural resource field studies at NSF Indian Head on Friday, February 19, 2016, a private citizen made a donation to the Navy’s Cultural… Continue reading


My Kind of Endorsement! Is he or she Godly?  Robertson laid out his qualifications for the next president, explaining that Ted Cruz “fits the bill”.  Ted Cruz is lucky to get the endorsement… Continue reading

Asian Carp

Liberals Pass Bill To Change Fish’s Name Because It’s Hurtful and Offensive (banning names is all the rage with liberals these days) The Minnesota Senate approved John Hoffman’s (D-MN) bill to change the… Continue reading

Conservation Priority: Controlling Populations of White-Tailed Deer

White-tailed deer, (Odocoileus virginianus), are beautiful animals, part of the natural fabric of North America, adaptive and graceful.  Deer are prey species, requiring predators to keep their populations in check.  Without predators removing… Continue reading

Gun Ownership Declining? Don’t Believe It!

An Associated Press story receiving considerable attention cites the latest General Social Survey finding that gun ownership has declined in recent years, though other research—from Gallup polls to FBI background checks to NSSF-commissioned… Continue reading

The Pit Blind

Dan, Dan’s neighbor Terry, Joshua and I went hunting this morning in Barclay, Queen Anne County, on the eastern shore of Maryland. We were on-site at 5:30 AM and it was cold with… Continue reading

Sean Mann Outdoors

Howard County 4-H Gun Club Meeting Our guest speaker this evening was Sean Mann of Sean Mann Outdoors, professional waterfowl guide and champion goose caller.  Born and raised in Towson Maryland and currently… Continue reading

Deer Account for Half of Long-Term Forest Change

A study released this week has linked that well over 40 percent of plant species changes in the forests of northern Wisconsin and Michigan over the past 60 years to the eating habits… Continue reading

Some Plants Develop A Tolerance To Deer

Browsing by overabundant white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) has altered ecological relationships in forest communities across eastern North America.  Recent work suggests that deer browsing also selects for particular plant defensive traits.  The increased… Continue reading

Black Friday Goose Hunt

Black Friday Goose Hunting, Clarksville, MD It’s Black Friday after Thanksgiving, 6:30 AM on the last day of Canada Goose – Migratory Atlantic Population season.  The season will open again one more time… Continue reading

Silence is Golden

Hunting With Silencers Is Now Legal in Florida For the last two years I have been hunting with suppressed rifles in the state of Texas, and in my experience silencers just make everything… Continue reading

Opening Day

A Neighbors Farm, Clarksville, MD Today, Saturday November 22, 2014 represents Opening Day of hunting season for the Migratory Atlantic Population of Canada Goose in Howard County (Piedmont), Maryland.  The bag limit is… Continue reading

Nature’s Clean-Up Crew

My son Michael went bow hunting last evening in our lower fields along the stream.  Just before dark he shot a large, mature doe, and then waited a few minutes to climb down… Continue reading

Recycled Pizza Box

What a creative and thoughtful use for an empty pizza box.  Can we get Ledo’s to put this on the underside of their boxes, as a courtesy to customers?

Ammunition Shortage Explained

During this reign of Obama, Americans have had gun rights attacked, constantly, causing increased firearms sales.  Now there is a shortage of ammunition, and a representative from Federal/CCI explains why.  

The Christmas Goose

It’s early in the morning and I’m sleeping soundly. My neighbor Tom calls and says that he has geese on his pond. “Let’s blast them.” I was now up with adrenalin, got dressed,… Continue reading

Upland Bird Hunt

The Howard County 4-H Gun Club Hunts With Schrader’s Bridgetown Manor, Henderson, MD It was a beautiful November Sunday.  We had a mixture of sun, clouds, a spit of rain and both warm… Continue reading