Black Friday Goose Hunt

Black Friday Goose Hunting, Clarksville, MD


It’s Black Friday after Thanksgiving, 6:30 AM on the last day of Canada Goose – Migratory Atlantic Population season.  The season will open again one more time from December 16, 2014 through February 4, 2015.  Jim Pontius checks our spread before the geese get going and start to fly for morning feeding.  Tom D’Asto and I stand along the white pine hedge row, between the open water pond and corn field.  No ice on the pond this morning.


We were not even ready as the geese began to pour in.  Quick, attach the GoPro to the barrel, load the gun, put in ear plugs, and let the games begin.


An hour later, when the smoke cleared, Tom, Jim and I took our two-bird limit each, three from the field and three from the water.


Tom was able to rake two birds from the water, but then needed to call in Strider, his golden retriever, to gather-up the last bird.


Hunter and working dog.  Don’t let Strider’s face deceive you, he was all about going after a felled goose in the pond.


Doing, what Golden’s do best, retrieving game!


Coming in from the deep water . . .


. . . and an eager hand-off, deserving of a hardy scratch around the neck as appreciation for a job well done.


Driving home (just 11 houses down the street), I show-off my quarry to Action Jackson, our mixed Bernese Mountain Dog and Pyrenees Mountain Dog.  He’s interested to smell, but that is as far as it goes.  Our beagle however, would love to drag a carcass around the lawn and roll on it.


Thank you to my son Mark for processing the birds, and thank you to Tom D’Asto for the morning hunt.

The following is a YouTube video of some of this morning’s action, using a GoPro Hero 4, with Sportsman’s Mount attached to the gun barrel: