The Pit Blind

Dan, Dan’s neighbor Terry, Joshua and I went hunting this morning in Barclay, Queen Anne County, on the eastern shore of Maryland.


We were on-site at 5:30 AM and it was cold with spitting rain and sleet.


This was our view from the pit blind.  The blind was excavated, flush with the surface and reinforced with wood, with wooden bench seats, a wooden floor, ladders on each side, and a partial wooden roof.  Unfortunately with all of our recent rain, ice and snow, the floor had a standing six-inches of water.  Other than our feet, we were all warm and otherwise prepared.


Our guides this morning were Captain Newberry of Jim Dandy Guide Service and his assistant, Ricky Caruso, a DC firefighter.  Here, Ricky goes out to pick-up a downed Canada goose.


Dan scans the horizon for possible incoming birds.  We saw numerous, large and high flying flocks of snow geese, occasional ducks and limited, smaller flocks of Canada geese, usually in groups of just a few and upwards of a dozen at a time.


Sky-busting in three … two … one …


We took five Canada geese on the morning and our limit was two birds each.  All of our birds came, as small flocks of a few birds each, coming into the decoys to feed.  Josh looks on as Ricky goes out to pick-up another felled bird.


It’s noon, we are cold, wet and content.  From left to right:  Terry, Joshua, Mark and Dan.


Driving back to the western shore we were able to see the Polar Bear Plunge at Sandy Point State Park, from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.


I’m not sure, but I think these people in the water with wet suits were life guards.  Groups of people would run into the water with just bathing suits, take the full plunge and run back out and into heated tents, all for helping to raise money for Special Olympics.  The company that I work for were sponsors this year and we made a financial contribution to a polar bear plunger.

Thank you Dan Betz for arranging the hunt and allowing us to participate!  Great way to spend the morning.