Monthly Archive: February, 2015

Rules for the Black Birdwatcher

Originally published by Orion Magazine, then featured on NPR, here are J. Drew Lanham’s “Nine Rules for the Black Birdwatcher,” filmed by BirdNote in Ocean City, Berlin & Assateague, Maryland.  Yes, tongue-in-cheek.  Yes,… Continue reading

House of Cards

House of Cards is an outstanding series that airs on Netflix.  Season 3 was released yesterday, February 27, 2015.  My son Mark has worked on the set as a “Day Player Production Assistant.” … Continue reading

Bald Eagle Mortality Due to Bacterium

Susan Wilde has uncovered a bacterium, one with a powerful toxin that attacks waterfowl, hiding on the underside of hydrilla that grows nearly everywhere in the United States, including the Chesapeake Bay and… Continue reading

The Former Rarity of Red Maple in Maryland?

When I was an undergraduate at the University of Maryland botanist James Reveal, PhD was one of my instructors and I distinctly remember one of his comments regarding red maple. He had several… Continue reading

Map Shows Loudest and Quietest Spots in U.S.

One of the great things about spending time in nature is what isn’t there. The lack of noise. The lack of lights. And this is what the National Park Service tries to preserve.… Continue reading

National Embarrassment

Fresh Froglegs from Joe Dan    

Wood Wide Web

Hidden under your feet is an information superhighway that allows plants to communicate and help each other out, and it’s made of fungi. It’s an information superhighway that speeds up interactions between a… Continue reading

NEW NRCS Plant Materials Publication

Improved Conservation Plant Materials Released by NRCS The NRCS Plant Materials Program, located in Beltsville, Maryland has just released the following publication, attached as a PDF for downloading. The plant material program is… Continue reading

Campaign to Save the Monarch Butterfly

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced new steps to reverse the decline of the Monarch butterfly, including efforts to restore more than 200,000 acres of habitat along the Interstate 35 corridor from… Continue reading

Why Birds Need Native Trees

The Carolina chickadee is giving scientists a model to study the impact of nonnative trees on food available for breeding birds. With six hungry hatchlings begging for food, a Carolina chickadee needed to… Continue reading

Warmer Winters May Delay Bud-Burst?

Warmer Winters May Delay Bud-Burst and Favor Pioneer and Invasive Species This study took twigs from 36 different species and grew them in a chamber under various light and temperature conditions.  While longer… Continue reading

American Indians and Colonists Had a Healthy Appetite for Crabs, Study Shows

Native Americans and America’s early colonists ate many more blue crabs than modern researchers previously thought, according to a team of scientists studying crab remains unearthed at archaeological sites in the Chesapeake Bay… Continue reading