House of Cards

House of Cards is an outstanding series that airs on Netflix.  Season 3 was released yesterday, February 27, 2015.  My son Mark has worked on the set as a “Day Player Production Assistant.”  The series is shot in Harford County, Maryland, Baltimore and environs. Both Jeb and Mark worked on the set as background extras for season 3, episode 3 (the end credit music video with Russian performer’s “Pussy Riot”).


This photo is a screen capture of a close-up of Jeb.  He and a group of a few other extras were selected as having a “look” of country boys, so they were pulled aside and had wardrobe and HMU (hair and make-up) applied.

You’ll just have to watch House of Cards to catch the scene – it’s addictive, and a somewhat sad commentary on politicians and our current political system.  The series helps me understand the value of term limits and voting constitutional conservative!

Check out Jeb at the 1:16 minute mark.