Monthly Archive: April, 2017

Thug Life – The Opossum

Research led by scientists at the Carey Instituter of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook Illinois placed different species into cages and covered them in ticks and waited.  The opossum ate 96% of the ticks!… Continue reading

Trapped Turtle in Trouble

While on a job-site with two other gentlemen, we all noticed a male eastern box turtle stuck in between a super silt fence.  His claws were embedded in the fabric, and the turtle… Continue reading

Good Friday Fishing on the Pocomoke

It’s becoming a tradition to take-off and fish each Good Friday prior to Easter, and this year was no exception. As usual, Dave Knorr and I went to Shad Landing State Park on… Continue reading

European Corn Salad

This One Took A While To Key Out Valerianella locusta (European Corn Salad) Observed 4/13/17 at the Kettering SWM facility as an aspect dominant of the basin and side slopes.  This plant is… Continue reading

Kerr Lake Weekend

Michelle and I spent the weekend with Dan and Patti Betz, at their Kerr Lake waterfront property in Henderson, North Carolina. I took my DJI  Mavic Pro and took a few aerial photos. … Continue reading

The Orange Octopus

A gall known as Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae is the plant pathogen that causes cedar-apple rust. In virtually any location where apples, crabapples and eastern red cedar coexist, cedar-apple rust can be a destructive or… Continue reading

Virginia Pennywort

Obolaria virginica Virginia Pennywort is an uncommon spring ephemeral and native perennial that occurs in the southeast, from Pennsylvania, south to Florida and west to Texas.  In Maryland, this plant is only found… Continue reading


As Observed in the Field The 4-Poster Tickicide device is a passive feeding station designed to control ticks that utilize white-tail deer as a primary host.  As deer feed on bait corn at… Continue reading

Trump Train vs Crazy Train

The Hysterics of the Irrational Left