European Corn Salad

This One Took A While To Key Out

Valerianella locusta (European Corn Salad)

Observed 4/13/17 at the Kettering SWM facility as an aspect dominant of the basin and side slopes.  This plant is identified on the USDA National Plant list but does not have a wetland status (not listed – NL).

The plant does occur in temporarily flooded wetlands (PEM1A).  An annual with a low rosette, square stem and two opposite leaves per node, and with a cluster (cyme) of tiny white flowers.  The non-native corn salad is a weed of cultivated land and waste places and originates from Europe, north Africa and west Asia.  The plant is used as a salad green and corn salad was originally foraged by European peasants until Jean-Baptiste de La Quintinie, royal gardener of King Louis XIV introduced it to the world.  The plant was cultivated by Thomas Jefferson at his gardens at Monticello.  Seeds are currently available from Burpee and Park’s.