Sean Mann Outdoors

Howard County 4-H Gun Club Meeting

Our guest speaker this evening was Sean Mann of Sean Mann Outdoors, professional waterfowl guide and champion goose caller.  Born and raised in Towson Maryland and currently living in Trappe, Mr. Mann has been a professional goose hunting guide in Maryland and Canada for the last 40-years.  Sean is well known for his patented brands of waterfowl callers.


If you Google Sean Mann, you will be linked to his dozens of educational YouTube videos and celebrity hunts.  He commented that two of his favorite guided hunts were with Johnny Unitas (Baltimore Colts) and Brooks Robinson (Baltimore Orioles).


He makes and sells several goose callers, and his overall favorite, especially for beginners, is his long-barreled Eastern Shoreman (not the one shown in this picture).


Mr. Mann first discussed the value of using a black flag to help draw the attention of geese out at a distance.  The flag is a simulation of goose wing movement.  He then showed us his methodologies for calling in birds, with variations on the classic honk (herrr-onk).


The only decoys that Sean uses are the Real-Geese Magnum-Lite 3D flat silhouettes.  He arranges the decoys in an X or V pattern, using 6 to 12 dozen, and spacing them about seven-steps apart, allowing for ample room between birds.  He then makes sure that they are perpendicular to one another, with a pocket for landing right in front of the blind.  Geese require significant room for take-off and landing, and geese will be more attracted to landing, feeding and loafing areas, where they perceive a safe and substantial landing zone, with fellow geese nearby.

He mentioned that it is important that any types of decoys should not shine with the morning dew.


Several of our 4-H’ers brought in their Mann callers, which Sean signed.  He was able to immediately tell when he made each caller, some of which were customized heritage models.

He commented that he once shot a banded goose that was documented at 28-years old!  His personal shotgun is the 12-guage Beretta Extrema II.  Thank you Mr. Mann for a great and detailed (do’s and don’ts through years of trail and error) presentation and thank to the Feaga family for arranging this evening’s guest speaker.

During his entire presentation, I constantly though of how I will be able to use his information to improve my goose hunting experiences in the future.  I especially liked the fact that when he guides, he will ask his hunters to just watch a few waves of birds come in the spread, so that they may enjoy the “show,” which is a song and dance of the landing process.


Mark Burchick, Sean Mann and Tom D’Asto.



1/11/15 Howard County 4-H Gun Practice


Tom unveils his Sean Mann Eastern Shoreman honker.


Perfectly tuned right out of the box!


A beautiful afternoon for trap.


It’s great to have Jeb home from Towson University for Christmas break.


The shot just leaving the barrel, and yes, Jeb tagged the clay.


Jeb and I shot a 17, 18, 19 and 20, 20 and 21.