Charles County, MD Arrowheads

Naval Support Facility Indian Head, Charles County, MD

While performing natural resource field studies at NSF Indian Head on Friday, February 19, 2016, a private citizen made a donation to the Navy’s Cultural Resources Office.


An elderly gentleman who has a small farm operation on Chicamuxen Road (Route 224) near Smallwood State Park, made a donation of his life-long arrowhead collection.  As I handled several of the finished points, I was surprised to note how razor sharp many were.  I wonder if any of these points actually took down some game?


The citizen made a comment that all of the finds came from his agricultural fields, typically observed from his tractor.


The man wanted to make sure that his collection would be preserved for the greater good.  He submitted a larger bag of chips, flakes and turtlebacks, all indicating the percussion points of human strikes for making arrowhead points.


How amazing to see a span of rich history laid out before me, likely made prior to European settlement.  It makes me wonder about how native Americans utilized the shores, slopes and rich woodlands of the Potomac River, Mattawoman Creek and Chicamuxen Creek, enveloping Indian Head, Maryland.  I’m assuming that Potapoco, Mattawoman, Nanjemoy, Piscataway, Anacostians and Chicamuxen were all recorded tribes of the immediate area.


An interesting coastal plain cobble structure as seen on the banks of Mattawoman Creek, while I was doing field work.