The Christmas Goose


It’s early in the morning and I’m sleeping soundly. My neighbor Tom calls and says that he has geese on his pond. “Let’s blast them.”


I was now up with adrenalin, got dressed, grabbed Jeb from out of bed, got our Beretta shotguns and a box of Black Cloud BB’s and was at his house in just five-minutes. My fire-fighter son would have been proud of my rapid response timing.


We stalked the tree line along the stream and came up over the dam face to the pond. A flock of geese took off-from the partially open and frozen water, requiring to fly overhead to avoid a hedgerow of mature white pine.


It was over in an instant, with Tom, Evan, Jeb and I bagging our limit of two birds each. Tom’s golden retriever Strider was employed to bring in the geese from the water. It’s always a treat to watch a well trained dog ploy his hard-wired craft.



Jeb works the shoreline as we gather our quarry.


Now to the barn for the processing of the birds. Tom’s latest addition to his farm includes pygmy goats and a black angus.


Jeb breasts-out a goose, by first plucking the chest feathers, then cutting and pulling away the skin to expose the breast. A few slices later yields two sizable breasts, ready for rinsing and packaging.



Joshua and my wife Michelle have a particularly nice crock-pot recipe that the family likes.

Thank you Tom for the wake-up call! Great way to spend the early morning for the start of Christmas week.