Uncommon Plants of Maryland Piedmont and Inner Coastal Plain

The MD DNR Natural Heritage Program maintain on-going lists of rare, threatened and endangered (RTE) plant species of Maryland.

Nearly as important are plant species considered uncommon or watch list, which may eventually become listed.  Cristol Fleming has prepared a list of uncommon plants (attached as a PDF file) that occur in the Maryland Piedmont region (Montgomery, Howard, Carroll, Baltimore and Harford) and the western shore inner coastal plain (Prince George’s, Anne Arundel and Charles).  These plants are considered locally/regionally rare, but not necessarily state rare.

The long, warm summers of the Piedmont counties preclude the widespread occurrence of many northern species.  The majority of the plants on the list are however, northern, “cooler” species that may be found on north-facing slopes, shady ravines, and cool seepage swamps, or in especially rick, moist soils.


Some of the plants that I’ve seen include wood anemone, wild sarsaparilla, green dragon, trailing arbutus, butterfly pea, Canada mayflower, miterwort, pennywort, golden club, false hellebore, showy orchid, red and black chokeberry, chinquapin, mistletoe, poison sumac, eastern hemlock and several others.

In her book entitled Finding Wildflowers in the Washington-Baltimore Area, Ms. Fleming has an excellent Bloom Date Calendar (Appendix B), which is a phenology of peak flowering dates for endemic forbs of central Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia.  Interesting read.

Source PDF Article:  FlemingC-MDpiedmont rarities2010

Book Link:  http://amzn.com/0801849950