Perigee Super Moon

Saturday Summer Fishing

On The Fresh Tidal Potomac, Little Hunting Creek and Piscataway Creek.


Jeb and I went fishing today, launching out of Fort Washington.  We fished the Piscataway and then went over to Little Hunting Creek, just up river from Mount Vernon.  Submerged aquatic vegetation beds are well established.


While up in Piscataway Creek, we saw a Barred Owl (Strix varia).  Barred owls like swamp habitat and will eat fish, frogs and snakes.  They are a large, stocky owl with rounded heads and no ear tufts.  The vertical brown bars on the cream-colored chest gives the bird its name.  They are nocturnal, so this guy must have been hungry, being out in the morning.  Barred owls can live well in excess of 10-years in the wild.


Over near Swan Creek we observed this Great Blue Heron having a little difficulty swallowing a fish, with just a small part of the fish tail being visible in his mouth.  He however, was catching fish and we weren’t.


Just past sundown and then moon rise, we observed the 7/12/14 Perigee Super Moon, which was 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual.


Then at 9:15 PM, we watched our local, annual Maple Lawn Fireworks, which is held the weekend after the 4th. of July.

“Oh the Irony.”  When we got home and I looked at the fireworks photos, I noticed that a surveillance camera was in most of the shots.  So, here we celebrate Independence, Liberty and Freedom, while being watched by Big Brother.  In the way of full disclosure, we were in the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory parking lot.