Milkhouse Brewery

Milkhouse Brewery at Still Point Farm, Mt. Airy, Frederick County, MD


Mr. Tom Barse, the owner/operator of Milkhouse Brewery is a teacher and lifelong gentleman farmer.  He was kind enough to speak to us for a few minutes and discuss his brewery operations.


For years, Tom has been providing fresh hops to Heavy Seas and Flying Dog Breweries.  A few years back he decided that it was time for his farming team to develop handcrafted farmhouse ales, made in small batches, from hops and grains on the farm.


From left to right:  Michelle, Mark, Mark, Josh, Harper and Jessica Burchick.

We sampled his six beers, and we each had our favorites.  His operation is open to the public for several hours, each Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Milkhouse Brewery is the first farm in the State of Maryland to grow hops and other grains for beer, and then brew beer, selling the product directly from the farm, to the local consumer.

He said that he petitioned local and State government and argued that as a farm operation, it was no different than selling eggs, meat, dairy products and vegetables, and the County and State Department of Agriculture agreed.  How cool!


The barn facility includes the processing area, a bar and outdoor pavilions, overlooking miles of rolling agricultural fields.  Mark purchased a growler of an IPA.  My favorites were the Farmhouse Ale and Nitro.

This operation is just 10-miles north of Josh and Jessica’s new Monrovia home.  Quite convenient.