America’s #1 Tomato

Tycoon to Upset Celebrity as America’s #1 Commercial Grown Tomato?

The All-America Award winning tomato, ‘Celebrity’ is a favorite among commercial growers because of its large, smooth, round shape, disease resistance and good flavor.  However, a more recent introduction, named ‘Tycoon’ is winning converts because of its superior disease resistance, heat resistance and also resistance to nematodes which are a big problem in Southern states.  Tycoon is a 70-day determinate variety, ripening its large fruits at one time, mostly within a two week period.  The globe-shaped fruit of Tycoon will average 6-8 ounces, although fruits weighing a pound and larger are common. The benefits of growing Tycoon in the South have so impressed Texas A&M University that their Agri-Life Research Center has named it a ‘Texas Superstar.’  For a plant to be designated a Texas Superstar it must perform well for home gardeners and commercial growers throughout Texas.