We Limited Out!

It was one of those rare 70-fish days, and we limited out within the first hour!  Oh, the bounty and beauty of the Chesapeake Bay.

Dave Knorr and I both took off of work today, so that we could have an extended Labor Day weekend.  Jeb does not have Friday classes at Towson University this semester, so with wonderful weather, low humidity and high’s of 82-degrees, it was obviously a great morning to be going fishing!


We launched from Smith Marina, off of Harold Harbor Road, which is on Round Bay of the Severn River.


We quickly tried a shoal ledge and caught a few white perch.  We also netted a huge male blue crab off of the shoal marker.


We then motored down river and past the U.S. Naval Academy, and out into the open Chesapeake Bay.


It was a fishing bonanza.  The legal size for striped bass this time of year is a minimum of 18-inches, and all of the fish that we caught were in the 16 to 19-inch size class.


We quickly established a pattern, which held true through the morning.  We followed active birds feeding on the water.  We would motor to them, slowing down as we approached, so as not to spook fish or fowl.  Once arriving on the fishing grounds, which all seemed around 18 to 20-feet deep, we would look for activity on the screen, as shown above.  In every case, we then commenced to hammer fish!


The lure of the day that did all of the damage was the GOT-CHA 1 1/2-ounce JIGFISH in blue and silver, by Sea Striker.  It’s a weighed drop jig with a treble hook at the tail.


Nice fish Jeb!


Dave and I both caught several slashing bluefish, which were quite the fighters.


Within an hour, we limited out on striped bass.  We had six bass in the aerator well and we occasionally added ice to keep all of the fish lively.


We continued to fish through the morning, and the pattern never let-up.  It was a fishing festival.


Five different times, we had a fish trifecta, where we all caught fish at the exact same time.  How cool.


We motored past Thomas Point, which is located on the Bay, out from the South River.  Most all of our fish came from the Bay Ridge area, as we were able to see the Chesapeake Bay Foundation Headquarters.  Much of the good ground was intermixed with commercial crab pots.

What a great day on the water.  Thank you Jeb and Dave.