We’ve Gone Solar

The Burchick Household Has Gone Solar

We are now renting the backside of our roof to Vivint Solar.  Michelle took this photo while the Vivint field crew was taking a lunchtime break, with about half of the panels in place.


A representative of Vivint used the last 10-years worth of our actual BGE electricity bills and then calculated the number of solar panels that are being installed on our southern exposed, backside of our house. They then determined the wattage yield that will be produced through sun energy.  Using mean averages, we will have a 31-percent reduction in our annual electricity costs, with no out of pocket costs on our end.

We put on a high-end GAF textured shingle roof 5-years ago that should last in excess of 30-years.  Vivint guarantees all of their work through the life of the contract, and if we should ever need to re-shingle the house, we pay a $300 temporary take-down fee.  At the end of 20-years, we can re-up and upgrade to their latest technology, or have the panels removed at their cost.


Just because we went solar, don’t expect us to go vegan, wear Birkenstock and Patagonia, shop at Roots, buy a cat, or use rock salt as deodorant.  We may however, consider Geo-thermal.


Making money when the sun shines!


While I was down at the creek taking a picture of the completed solar installation, I was standing next to a fruiting Jack-in-the-Pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum).


The banks of the creek also had joe-pye weed and Green-Headed Coneflower (Rudbeckia laciniata) in flower, as shown in the photo.