Life in Suburban Washington, DC

Family Moves To The Woods, Then Complains About Living In The Woods


We moved a few months ago and I am horrified by the amount of wild animals in our backyard.  We live in a large, planned HOA, and while we do have a strip of “woods” behind our house, there is another huge subdivision right behind our “woods” – its probably about 30′ deep.  We have deer, rabbits, raccoons, tons of loud birds, foxes, all kinds of lizards, a snake, all in just in 3 months!  There is no obvious food/water source in our yard other than plantings.

I’ve heard maybe I should get rid of my hostas?  I will do that if it will help.  A very unafraid raccoon came right up onto our deck the other night and was not scared of our voices, clapping or our flashlight.  The deer poop all over our yard and we have to scoop before the kids can play.  I’m sick of it.  We could put up a fence, but I’d rather not, and don’t know it would keep the smaller ones out anyway.