Adventures In Crabbing

First Time Using a Trotline, Severn River, Annapolis, MD


Jeb, Dave and I went crabbing, and my first time trotline crabbing (and which, will not be the last).  Jeb, Michelle, Mark, Mike and I spent last evening stringing chicken necks to snoots, and we were ready to go.


We launched from Joshua and Jessica’s Sunrise Beach in Crownsville, and motored down to between the 450 and Route 50 bridges.  This was our view from the crab line.


We stretched out our trotline on an 8-foot contour.


Little did we know however, the amount of submerged debris that prevented us from keeping a taut trotline.


On our first run of 600-feet, we caught three keepers.  After that, this particular site fell apart, as we attempted to manage the line through all of the debris snags.


A heron watches from a pier.


As the morning went on, we switched to fishing.


Jeb caught a keeper striped bass, which became the main course for Josh and Jessica’s dinner.


We are rigged and supplied for trot-lining, and we will not give up.  Everything is in the freezer, and we will try again at another location.  We even have a propane outdoor steamer, so we will make this happen!


We stopped off at Joshua’s house to drop off his boat launch pass and to say good morning to 10-day old, baby Harper Francis.  In the line-up is Grandpa, Harper, Jessica, fish dinner, Joshua and Uncle Jeb.  Ten days old and she is being exposed to Maryland crabs and fishing.  I’ll be gleaning her for being a life-long fishing buddy!