Old Stein Inn


This is the second of the Burchick/Betz, “I Hate Maryland Winters” restaurant tour.  Two weeks back we went to the supposed best Polish restaurant located in Fells Point, Baltimore.  Today is was the Old Stein Inn in Edgewater, considered possibly the best German restaurant in the Free State.


German draft beer all-around.  I had the Franz, a Fransikanner Dunkle Hefe with a shot of Berinzen dark cherry schnapps.


We enjoyed the company of Dan, Patti, Emma Lynn, Jim, Betsy and then Michelle, Michael, Mark, Joshua, Jessica and baby Harper.


. . . after all, it is a beer hall!


This is Harper’s first full week of eating solid food, and we understand that butternut squash is her favorite.


Emma Lynn plays with Harper, with Harper checking out Patti’s face.


The food was excellent.  We all sampled Bavarian bratwurst, bauernwurst, knockwurst, chicken schnitzel, kartoffel knodel, red cabbage and sauerkraut.  Culinary fun was had by all.
Our next weekend adventure will be in a week or so, possibly trying Italian, Southern barbeque, Mexican, Spanish or Chinese.  Whatever it may be, our goal will be to research, and then find the best in the State, in whatever County it may be.
We missed Jeb today, as he stayed home with friends to watch Denver beat-up on New England.
Is it spring yet?