Memorial Day Fishing



Tom D’Asto, his son Nick and I spent the morning fishing on the Potomac River.  We launched out of Slavin’s on the Mattawoman and made our way over to the Chicamuxen.

I flew my DJI Mavic Pro drone for a few aerial photos, and I’m in the lower right corner, with the drone looking down-river on the Chicamuxen, and with the Potomac River in the background.

I need to work on my understanding of the drone camera, and it’s settings for focus, and matching of filters and camera settings,  As of now, movies look great from the drone, but the photos are lacking resolution, color contrast and appear overexposed/blown-out.  Nothing in post-production (Photoshop) seems to help.

This heron watches as we work through an assortment of lures and presentations.  Forget bank structure, it’s time to fish the submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) beds.

Nick strikes first, using a weedless plastic worm.  Dad . . . “get the net, this feels big!”

Well over three pounds for this lunker landing.

Not to be outdone, Tom pulls one out of the grass shortly thereafter . . .

. . . and Nick helps with the retrieve.

Another nice largemouth bass from the fresh tidal Chicamuxen grass beds.

A quick rest break, as these mating Orange Bluet Damselflies (Enallagma signatum), in the “wheel” or “heart” position, land on the boat.

An osprey hovers overhead, zeroing-in for the dive, as he joins us in fishing.  It was a beautiful morning on the water, as the clouds broke and afternoon temperatures rose into the mid 80’s.  Thank you Tom and Nick.