Fishing the Susquehanna Flats


A beautiful day on the water, but I suspect this heron may have had a better day of fishing than we did.


We fished the mouth of the Susquehanna River at the fresh tidal Chesapeake Bay.  We heard from another fisherman that because the Conowingo Dam was holding back water, it had a tendency to hold-back the bite too.


Mark none the less, was able to land this catfish, which was our only catch of the day.  We did see a few large stripers break the water and also saw breeding carp in the shallows.  Both Eurasian water milfoil and wild celery were growing, and we spent some time fishing grass beds.


Having two engineers (Purdue and Michigan) on the boat, I had to endure a lecture on bridge truss systems.


The Susquehanna “flats.”
The unique thing about this fishing location is the possibility to catch large and small-mouth bass as well as striped bass, and other salt and fresh species from the top-of-the-bay, at the interface of the Piedmont and coastal plain.
Thank you Tom and Mark.