Potomac Fishing

Sunday, July 3, 2016 fishing on the Potomac, Mattawoman and Chicamuxen.


It was a rainy morning at Smallwood State Park, but which stopped by 9:00 AM.  Steve launched out of Leesylvania State Park, ran across the Potomac and picked up Tom and I from Smallwood.


Osprey watch as we fish the docks, rocks and grass of the Mattawoman at Smallwood.


I wrestled this bass off of a dock piling, using a Senko worm.


We fished from 9:00 AM till 1:00 PM, primarily along submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) grass edges.  The lures of the day were plastic worms, fished weightless and weedless.

When we finished up at 1:00 PM, we caught a total of seven largemouth bass, three white perch, one yellow perch and one catfish.  In this photo, Tom muscles a largemouth bass from the grass.


Steve and Tom worked as each others net man, while I took photos.


Alright, two on the boat and back into the water within the first half hour.  Nice start.


Not to be outdone, Steve yanks a bass out of the same reach of grass.


Having thoroughly worked this stretch of SAV, we motored over to the Chicamuxen.


The isolated patches of grass in front of the main lines of grass, were good targets as the tide was going out.


Steve picks one out of the grass . . .


. . . and I followed with a larger one, just to remind Steve who was fishing the back of the boat!


This cat put up a great fight, thrashing his way to the boat.


Thank you Steve, for a great morning of fishing on your Bass Cat.  You got us on fish, and I can think of no better way to spend a holiday weekend morning!