Fishing & Weather Were Hot!

It was a beautiful Saturday in the greater Washington DC area.  High’s inland made it up to 80-degrees today, and the low 70’s on the fresh tidal Potomac River.  I’m sure that everyone wanted to get outdoors and enjoy the warmth of this early spring day.

Dave and I spent the morning through to about 2:00 PM fishing on the Potomac.

This was my first time taking my skiff out for 2017, and the winterized Yamaha 4-stroke ran flawlessly.

Dave and I fished near Fort Belvoir and did very well.

Here is the first of two interesting stories.  Last night I strung new line on my bass rods, and as most any fisherman can attest to, I rat-nested my brand new, fully spooled line.  I had to pull several feet off the reel and cut the line.  Hand pulling my lure through the water, I dead-sticked a bass right at the boat!

The largemouth bass are in pre-spawn mode and are concentrated near the mouths of creeks, thinking about moving up into the shallow creeks in the near future.

Morning water temperatures were in the upper 40’s, reaching to 54-degrees in the afternoon shallows.

Likewise, the morning bite was a touch tentative, but became more aggressive as temperatures increased.

I caught five bass on the day, and Dave caught six.

After the bite slowed, we changed locations to the Maryland side of the River and over toward the Pomonkey.

Eurasian water milfoil is growing and some SAV beds are becoming defined.  Dave caught this bass using a Cubby Mini-Mite Jig, the dammed little lure that can catch about anything!

Ok, here is the second story of the day.  Dave and I witnessed a few-minute feeding frenzy surrounding the boat.  Dave was using a plastic worm and I was using a plastic tube bait.  We were hammering fish all around us.  I was releasing a fish that I caught, and I laid my rod across the boat and my rod tip and lure were dangling over the boat edge.  Both Dave and I witnessed a largemouth bass leap out of the water in an attempt to engulf the lure from the air, but missed.  How aggressively frickin’ cool was that!

Dave and I also missed a few good fish by not having an adequate hook set.  Eleven bass caught and released, and several swings and misses.  Great day on the water!