Jug Bay Fishing

Time to fish the fresh tidal Patuxent River at Jug Bay.  Joining in were Tom and Nick D’Asto, and Nick’s girlfriend Alix, from Jacksonville, Florida.

We launched at the peak of low-tide/slack-tide and went up river.

Immature bald eagle flies overhead.

The banks were dotted with sneezeweed, fall aster and spent wild rice.

A pair of cormorants enjoy the morning sun.

Not much longer until waterfowl season.

Snapping turtle trap, set into a tidal draw.

Viburnum in full seed.

Basking in the radiant heat of the morning sun.

Alix takes a small bluegill on a live worm, using a medium-action rod.

The combination of Sneezeweed and New England Aster was a common sight on the banks of the river.

Yes Nick, you may salute the fish master (taken on a green pumpkin plastic tube bait).

Alix caught back-to-back catfish, which is quite a different, more aggressive feel than landing sunfish.

An egret watches as we pass by.

It was a beautiful day on the water.  Thank you D’Asto’s and Alix!

A blue heron watches as we get in line at the launch to land, queued in behind several kayaker’s.

Today was my first trip out with the skiff’s new Garmin Striker 7SV fish finder.  Awesome!  I’ll elaborate more in future blog entries.