Fishing the Chicamuxen

Steve and I went fishing today, launching out of Slavins on the Mattawoman, in Indian Head, Maryland.


We launched at low tide and returned at high tide, catching a largemouth bass per hour, during one tide cycle.


we motored out of the Mattawoman, into the Potomac and over to the Chicamuxen, where Steve recommended that we work the grass.  Crab pots are starting to show-up in the Potomac at the mouth of the Chicamuxen.


On the way over we watched as a black vulture (Coragyps atratus) cleaned up after an osprey, feeding on the carcass of a fish.


Then just a little further down river we watched an immature bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) feed on a fish too.


A breeding pair of Halloween pennants (Cecithemis eponina) rest on my rod tip.  Steve recommended that we fish Senko’s rigged wacky style, with wacky hooks.  That was the ticket.  I caught five largemouth bass and lost two, one which shook-off and one monster blow-up that snapped the line.  I wish I could have at least seen the size of that fish.  Steve caught one largemouth and lost three on the hook sets.  How exciting!


This 17-inch bass was my largest, but all of the others were solid two-pounders.  It was nice to catch a five-bass limit, like in tournament fishing.  I was able to watch this fish in clear water above the SAV grass, and she took out line on one turn, prior to landing her.  It was a really hot day on the water, and the cooler of ice water and Gatorade was a must.


Even the nearby osprey (Pandion haliaetus) was impressed, but could not understand why we practiced catch and release.


It was a beautiful day on the water.


Motoring back to the Mattawoman, we checked out Tim’s River Shore Restaurant and Crab House, which includes a large outdoor pavilion.  Why after fishing this reach of the Potomac for year’s, we just now find out that there is a waterfront bar, where we can motor in for a beer?


Some forty-odd boats were anchored-up at the bar, and Tim’s had a water taxi that will pick you up at your boat and take you to river shore  On land, Tim’s is located at 1510 Cherry Hill Road, Dumfries, VA 22026, and from water it’s exactly opposite the Mattawoman on the Potomac, and immediately south of Leeslyvania State Park.  Next time fishing, I’ll be sure to take my wallet.

Thank you Steve for getting us on a great fishing spot, and with the absolute best lure selection.