Emerald Isle, NC

Our family rented a house for the week at Emerald Isle, North Carolina.


The Burchick Boy’s – Jeb, Josh, Mike, Mark (Dad) and Mark.


Water temperatures of the ocean were in the mid-80’s.


We all tag teamed working with Harper Francis, as we could not keep her out of the water.


Baby Harper and Mrs. Jessica Ann Burchick.


A beautiful beach.


Mike and Harper.


On our first full day at Emerald Isle we hired a 4-hour local guide to show us good fishing grounds and to get some tips from a seasoned and local professional.


Our guide was Captain Travis Brown and we fished grass flats along the intra-coastal waterway.


We caught two 15-inch keeper flounder, two lizard fish and one croaker, all using soft plastic Berkley Gulp bait with jig hooks.  Lizard fish look a little like snakeheads, are narrow and have a wide mouth with teeth.  Similar to a flounder they will burrow in sand, with their eyes above watching to ambush anything that may pass by.  They are rarely seen above North Carolina and occur along the coast down to Florida.


Our guide took us to the opening of the ocean, bridge abutments and oyster beds for locations to specifically fish for sheephead, speckled trout, redfish and flounder.  He also showed us some good crabbing and clamming sites.


Four hours went fast, but the guide gave us some good advice for the week.


Late yesterday afternoon we went out until sundown, as our rental home is one block from the boat launch.


We passed a cormorant that was drying his wings, having just finished some diving for fish.


Brown pelicans fly by the boat to see if we were doing any fishing.


Jena and Michelle sit forward as we decide to head back to the launch, as a thunder storm was quickly forming and approaching.  We had Red Stripes on ice.


The weather front looked foreboding, but we made it back before the rain.


Back at the launch a rainbow appeared.  After we got home and unhitched the boat, it rained for a good while.