Live-Lining on the Miss Ashleigh

Dave and I took the day off to go fishing with Captain Bryan Schmitt on the Miss Ashleigh.

We launched out of Ferry Point Marina on the Magothy River.

Motoring out of the river, we went south out into the Chesapeake Bay to locations near the Route 50, Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Using live spot with a treble hook through the upper back we caught our limit of striped bass in short order.

After catching our limit of two fish each, all over 19-inches in length, we then went white perch fishing, along with catching spot to replenish the live bait for the aerated live well.

A dozen plus egret fledglings nested on this pile, with constant fly-by’s by gulls and cormorants.

Very productive.

The tide was moving south fast.  It was hard to keep the boat anchored and in the “sweet spot.”

It was a beautiful afternoon on the water, and fun was had by all.


From the Land of Pleasant Living!

Nate, Pauly, Jeff and Dave, posing with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and the U.S. Naval Academy in the background.

Mark, Jeff, Dave, Nate and Pauly, holding our quarry of the day.

The sister ship, the Loosen-Up (Captain Frank Carver) joined us for the spot and perch fishing.

We stayed out of the shipping lanes and both boats hammered spot and perch.

Dave and I and several of our friends have been on the Loosen-Up and Miss Ashleigh several times now.  They are the best guides on the Bay!

Mark, Dave, Pauly, Nate and Jeff.

It was a perch bonanza, with a few 11-inch citations.  Our lure for the spot and perch was the Bryan Schmitt custom Hayabusa Chesapeake Sabiki Rigs tipped with blood worm.

The Sandy Point Shoal Lighthouse, built in 1883, and which can be seen from Sandy Point State Park.

Coming back in to home port at Ferry Point Marina, with the smell of hamburgers on the grill and music at the bar!

Thank you to Dave Knorr for organizing the trip, and thank you Captain Bryan and first mate.