Live-Lining on the Miss Ashleigh

A spectacular afternoon on the water, as we launched out of Happy Harbor with Captain Bryan Schmitt on the Miss Ashleigh (Loosen-Up II).

Dave Knorr organized this mid-life crisis trip, which included his life long Baltimore Catholic homeboys from Mount St. Joe’s!

We launched out of Happy Harbor on Rockhold Creek, in Deale, Maryland and motored south into the Chesapeake Bay toward Chesapeake Beach to get in some spot fishing, bait to be used for the striped bass.

The lure we used for the spot is called a double drop bottom spot rig with hook and tipped with chopped pieces of blood worm.

We caught 40 spot and the boat already had 20 plus bait fish in the live well.  Now we are ready to fish for stripers, and off we went toward the mouth of the Choptank.

Jeff with his two son’s Paulie and Nate.

Fishing was tough for the first hour or so, as we caught several under-sized fish in the 18-inch range, where 20-inches or larger constitutes a keeper.

The captain had a network of friends on the water, and between three or four boats, he was able to perform recon to help us all find the fish.

Once we were on the fish, it was a bonanza . . .

. . . with Nate hauling in a keeper.

Paulie follows right behind with a keeper too!

Well done.  We all caught our limit of two keepers each.

Dave works a keeper to the boat, as we were all instructed to count to five before we set the hook.

Nice fish!

From left to right: Steve, Paulie, Nate, Jeff, Pirate Captain Jim, Dave, Bob and Mark.

Again, from left to right:  Jim, Steve, Baltimore’s Finest Bob, Dave, Mark, Paulie, Jeff and Nate.

Thank you to Captain Bryan Schmitt for getting us on fish this afternoon.  A great day was had by all!  Thank you to Dave Knorr for organizing today’s charter, and is this the first annual of more to come?