MD DNR Fish Tag

Dave, Steve and I went fishing this morning, and were on the water by 7:30 AM, launching from Smith Marina and onto the Severn River.


Passing by many a crabber, we headed out to the mouth of the Severn and south into the Chesapeake Bay.  All of our fishing was between Tolley Point and the Thomas Point Lighthouse (South River).  We followed the birds, and we encountered many a boil of fish, with a mix of stripers and blue fish crashing the surface.  It was great to see fish breaking surrounding the boat.


We caught a total of 60 fish in a three hour time period!


Unfortunately, most all of the fish were in the one to two-pound size class.


Mixed in and under the smaller fish, we could occasionally catch a legal 18-inch size class of striped bass.


It was blazing hot on the water, and it reached the mid 90’s by mid-morning, and we were off the water by 11:00 AM.  We all stayed well hydrated.

I caught my first Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) tagged fish today.  All that I could read on the tag was a phone number (800-688-3467), and then a tag number.


The tag number was 541490.  I’ll call it in tomorrow, during regular business hours, and see what they have to say.  The capture date was 7/24/16, the fish was 18-inches long, and the location was just south of Tolley Point on the Bay.

Thanks Dave and Steve, a great morning of fishing!