Company Fishing Trip

Work hard, play hard!

It’s time for the Environmental Systems Analysis, Inc. (ESA) fishing trip, the premiere natural resources management and ecological restoration company, restoring the central Atlantic States at competitive prices!

We launched out of Deep Creek Restaurant and Marina, in Arnold, Maryland, aboard the Loosen-Up, with veteran Captain Frank Carver at the helm.  From left to right: Leslie, Amy, Dave, Mark, Will, Brian and Jim.  Left back at the docks figuratively were Stephanie on maternity leave, Molly and Jill, who were not able to attend.

Deep Creek is a tributary of the Magothy River, and we motored out to the mouth of the Magothy and trolled immediately south of the Baltimore Lighthouse (Mountain Point Bar) and we could see Sandy Point State Park and the Chesapeake Bay bridge to our south.

The mean depth of the water we fished was 18-feet deep, and no sooner than the plainer boards and lures hit the water, we were on fish!

The size minimum for striped bass (rock fish) is 20-inches and you are allowed two fish per person.

In the flurry of fishing, we hooked into doubles four times, and Amy had a serious fight on her hands with doubles that included quite a large fish.  Eventually she won, landing both fish, as we watched steam burning off of her biceps with her several minute retrieve!

We limited out within two hours, and had a blast doing so.  We drew cards from highest to lowest to determine our rotation, when the first-mate Kyle would call “fish-on.”  Brian is up, and he worked the striper back to the boat with aplomb.

Coming off of a monster fight with her previous two-fish, Amy now re-hydrated and rested is right back at it!

I hooked into a twofer as well.  For a second I thought that my line may have been cut, but it free spooled as I flipped the bail by mistake, and allowed the fish to run.  No problem, it just took a little longer bringing the quarry to the boat.

Watching for a strike!

Next up was Will, as his fish jumped a few times to show-off.

Leslie works her fish back to the boat.

Jim hooked into the largest fish of the afternoon, and he had to work hard to land Mr. Big.

Just as the fish strikes, you gauge the size and power of the fish by its resistance, or it may run away or toward the boat, but what you do know for sure is that you have a live wire on the other end, and you are waiting with anticipation to see the lunker through the water.

Brian reels in another, and before we knew it, we were limiting out with two keepers each.  Captain Frank (in the background) did a great job in getting us on fish, and the first-mate Kyle on the left, kept the lively action highly organized.

We were still catching fish for the several minutes that we were bringing our lines in from the water.  Oh, and by the way . . . Happy Birthday to Dave Knorr, and thank you to Amy for the cupcakes, decorated with blue icing and Swedish fish for today’s nautical theme.

From left to right: Brian, Amy, Dave, Leslie, (myself) Mark, Jim and Will, showing off our flurry-of-fishing, and the bounty of our Chesapeake Bay!

We barely had any time to get in some beer drinking, the telling of stories, socializing and snacking, before our stripers were being cleaned.

What a fantastic afternoon for Team ESA, with a beautiful day on the water!

Jim won the coveted Golden Hook Award for the brim of his hat, for hauling in the largest fish of the day.

Thank you to the crew of the Loosen-Up, a charter that we have used several times before, and thank you to the hard working staff of ESA.  It’s great to have opportunities for recreational activities together.