Friday Fishing

Dave Knorr and I took-off work today to go fishing, and we launched out of Smith Marina on the Severn River.


It was a beautiful sunny morning, with mid-day and afternoon temperatures reaching the mid 80’s.


Today was a big day at the U.S. Naval Academy, as John Richardson was named the Chief of Naval Operations in a Change of Command ceremony.  Needless to say, all of Annapolis was quite busy, with many dignitaries in town.


In the calm waters of the Severn, we could observe “boils” of fish that broke out of the water in an attempt to allude predatory fish.  Each time we saw action on the water, we would slowly motor in and then drift to near the commotion.  Many a cast produced a caught fish, usually bluefish.  We had many short-strikes, with soft plastic tails being ripped-off, and hence, we shifted to hard baits that worked.  This was the start of a great day of fishing!


After an hour or two, we moved out into the open water of the Chesapeake Bay, just south of the Severn River.  We fished somewhat near Tolley Point, and again watched for action at the surface of the water.  In the background of this photo you can see Greenbury Point on the north side of the mouth of the Severn.


Immediately we were able to determine that we were in a larger size class of fish, although on the day, we only caught striped bass and pelagic bluefish.


Dave and I both caught several fish in the 16-inch range, and just under the minimum size limit of 18-inches for a keeper.


Following the birds, we were able to stay on fish for much of the morning.  In total Dave and I both caught 30 or more fish, and once and again two at once, and in one case three at once, as fish would follow the lure back to the boat and Dave had a lure sitting in the water unattended, and which caught a fish at the boat while he was reeling one in!


We used a combination of various jigs, Got-Cha’s, soft plastics and hard-baits.  I used a large silver Rattle-Trap that caught several bluefish, but no Rockies would hit that particular bait.


An attractive sail boat came near and was flying a red-colored Jolly Rodger.


The fish kept coming, the beer was cold and the background music was entertaining.


Sail boat racing, as many boats bunch-up into a tight turn.


A local water-man works his crab pots.  We motored back up the Severn River and were off the water by 2:00 PM.  What a great day on the Chesapeake Bay!