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This Week’s Intellectual Froglegs!

Walking Away From Democrat Socialism

      For your viewing pleasure, this week’s Intellectual Froglegs!        

Panic In The Streets – Trump Keeps His Promises

Red Tsunami


Liberal Farm

Drain The Swamp


Source With No Name

In this vast wasteland of fake news and anonymous sources, which stories do you believe?  I’d put my money on the Seth Rich story.  It has facts.  It has motive.  It has sources . .… Continue reading

America – Under New Management!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Life Is Good!

Drive-by Mass Media is Irrelevant!  

Trumpus Maximus

This week’s Intellectual Froglegs is hilariously accurate!          

It Takes a Village Idiot

This Week’s Intellectual Froglegs, with Joe Dan.        

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

This Week’s Intellectual Froglegs As we begin what is now the most important election year in modern history… we have to win.   There is no 2nd place trophy.  Good intentions will not… Continue reading

Cruz Missile

Intellectual Froglegs – Great Fun for the Non-Liberally Impaired  

Playing The Trump Card

The Conservative Revolt!      

Must Watch Intellectual Froglegs

Fantastic Episode! When both political parties hate you, you must be doing something right.  Donald Trump is our middle finger.        

Intellectual Froglegs


News You Can Use

This Week’s Intellectual Froglegs, by Joe Dan Gorman    

Intellectual Froglegs

This Week’s Froglegs.    

Conservative Swagger

This Week’s Intellectual Froglegs by Joe Dan Gorman    

Price Line Negotiator

This week’s Joe Dan’s Intellectual Froglegs    

Implausible Deniability

Fresh Intellectual Froglegs  

Pomp and Petulance

Fresh Frog Legs from Joe Dan          

National Embarrassment

Fresh Froglegs from Joe Dan    

Intellectual Froglegs

It’s time for a hostile takeover of the Republican Party!      

Healthcare, Lies and Videotape

This week’s Intellectual Froglegs, which is excellent as always. Joe Dan Gorman presents the entire Obamacare bill in four sentences: (1)  In order to insure the uninsured, we first have to un-insure the… Continue reading

Ayatollah You So

Intellectual Froglegs  

Fresh Froglegs

Back To School Special