Opening Weekend at Guinness Brewery



Welcome to the new Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House in Baltimore, Maryland!

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Dan, Patty, my wife Michelle and I met up with my son Mark, Jena and friends to tour the just opened Guinness Brewery in Baltimore, Maryland (actually in Halthorpe, Baltimore County, MD).

A convenient 25-miles from our home in Clarksville.

The 62-acre facility cost Guinness nine-million to build, and is an outstanding campus setting.

Michelle, Mark, Mark, Patty and Dan, with Jena taking the photo.

Beer was available everywhere, on each level of the building and outdoors.

The Baltimore facility will brew the Guinness Blonde, Guinness IPA, Guinness Milk Stout and Guinness White Ale.

The Dublin facility brews the Guinness Draught, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout and Guinness Barrel Aged Antwerpen Stout.

Mark and Jena.

Dan jumps right in!

Once completely up and running the Brewery will have several tap rooms, restaurants, historical museum quality interpretation and tours of the brew operations, and which will be considered a most suitable day trip destination point.

From left to right:  Kate, Tony, Tracy, Dan, Mark, Jena, Steve, Jessie and Michael.

I like how the Guinness Blonde incorporates the Maryland State Flag, which is undisputably the most attractive state flag of our 50 States!

The water truck so that everyone can stay hydrated.

One of the several tour venues.

Guinness arriving to the United States!

Learning the subtleties of what goes into the brew and beer-making process.

The main building refrigeration room, 33-degrees of where all the taps feed from, constantly monitored with new deliciousness installed as necessary.

Historic art work from the 1930’s.

Self explanatory.

On the afternoon, we tried the high octane barrel aged Antwerpen stout and stock ale, and then Guinness draught, blonde, IPA, milk stout, white ale, cherry stout, hoppy pale ale, and my favorite, the apricot pale ale.

A wonderful afternoon was had by all!